Aggregates Product List

C-33 Septic Sand

This speciality sand is used in general applications but is specified for septic field construction.

Sechelt Sand

Sechelt sand is free draining well graded compactable washed fill sand which is used in a variety of applications from pipe bedding to...

1/2’’ Clear Crush

Clear crush has wide range of applications but is used primarily used for under concrete slab preparation, drainage, and landscaping and...

15mm Riverstone

This smooth round river stone is used in primarily in drainage and landscaping applications.

19mm Riverstone

This smooth round...

Concrete Sand

A blend of Sechelt’s concrete and fine concrete sand.

Fine Concrete Sand

Concrete sand that is specified for its workability for flat surfaces such as residential driveways and commercial floors.

14mm Concrete...

1” Recycled Concrete, Asphalt Road Base Blend

3” Recycled Concrete, Asphalt Road Base Blend

1” Crushed, Recycled Rubble